2 thoughts on “Phys Ed Ideas and suggestions

  1. Andrew,

    Firstly, great Blog. It’s good to see the upcoming events taking place.

    As a PE Teacher you seem to encourage and motivate your students to be active and I believe that is a good characteristic that you have in energizing the children.

    Having assisted with the occasional sport events at Killara; you are always professional and organised making it helpful for us parents; giving us good direction in ensuring smooth transition between activities which helps with your day too.

    You appear to have a positive attitude towards what is being taught, therefore a good role model for the students / my children.

    Lorraine Earl

  2. Andrew,

    I have a suggestion for you.

    Here at the Sunbury Bowling Club we always have schools around Sunbury come along as part of their sport activities to Lawn Bowl. They stay for about 1-2 hours and it’s loads of fun. We do not charge schools and do organise for one or more of our retired members to assist in coaching.

    The Bowling Club are looking for younger members to join and keep the sport going. You never know; one child may enjoy it and make it a future hobby.

    Lorraine Earl

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